Exploring the Creative Side of Atlanta

Are you looking for a place to explore the creative side of Atlanta? Look no further than West Midtown, Little Five Points, Piedmont, and Old Fourth Ward. These neighborhoods are full of trendy restaurants, cozy pubs, art and music venues, and more. Whether you're looking for a juice bar or a drive-in theater, these neighborhoods have something for everyone. Little Five Points is an active hub for young professionals and artists.

Here you'll find local hipsters roaming the streets from dawn to dusk. You can also find your favorite juice bar or a local kale restaurant for lunch. For nightlife, there's a strip of bars with a variety of great tunes, from EDM to hip-hop. And don't forget to check out the well-known shoe store, Wish.

Piedmont is pretty close to Little Five Points and is home to all of Atlanta's hipsters. Here you can find a drive-in theater, a huge park where festivals and events are held, and a shopping area with a local market full of vegan food. Old Fourth Ward is culturally diverse, vibrant, and creative. It's located right on the Atlanta Ring Road and is perfect for exploring the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you're looking for an authentic experience of Atlanta that isn't shown on TV, this is the place to be. Whether you prefer to do bougie in Buckhead or you prefer to give free rein to your inner art critic in Midtown, these are the best neighborhoods in Atlanta to discover on your next trip.

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