Which Part of Atlanta Has the Best Schools for Your Kids?

If you're looking for the best schools in Atlanta for your children, you'll need to decide between public or private school districts. Whether you're moving locally in Atlanta, relocating long distances to the city, or need help moving the same day in Atlanta, we have what you need. The Atlanta suburbs are known for their low-cost housing and relatively safe neighborhoods with great schools. At the end of the day, if you intend to send your children to public school in Atlanta, you'll need to move to the suburb where you want them to attend school.

However, the Atlanta Public Schools district serves every neighborhood in the city limits and has some incredible, award-winning public schools. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology is Gwinnett County is often named the best public high school in Atlanta and the third best in the U. S.These are the top school districts in the Atlanta area, including the best Atlanta high schools and great private schools to consider. The best high school is Atlanta Classical Academy, one of the best charter schools in Atlanta, with excellent grades in reading and language arts and a low student-to-teacher ratio.

The district's Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology is often ranked as the best high school in Atlanta and in the entire state. It is ranked among the top 5 high schools in the Atlanta metropolitan area and among the 10 best high schools in Georgia. Atlanta Public Schools are not usually ranked among the best in the metropolitan area, but some of its suburbs are well-funded and top it. These are some of the best private schools in Atlanta, most of them within the city limits and all of them ranked in the top 10 in Georgia.

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